Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Heroes of the Frontier by Dave Eggers

Why is everybody so obsessed with people changing? It's like you can't be a good person these days without striving toward some kind of personal beatification with the assistance of a self-help guru. Well, here's a news flash: people don't change! People are who they are, no matter what they pretend. People always ask me, "How did retirement change you?" or some other stupid question like that. I tell them I work less, and they laugh like I'm joking. Did they think I would become someone else when I stopped working? And after my little health scare, everyone wanted to know how it changed me, expecting me to confer wisdom about the fragility of life or being grateful every day or some shit like that. Sometimes I lay it on thick for them, but I feel bad when they believe me. Which is why I appreciated some aspects of this book. A woman basically has a mid-life crisis and goes to Alaska in search of experiences that will lead to enlightenment. But guess what - she has the experiences, and nothing happens! Basic plot is, "Woman flees life, goes through potentially life-changing events, does not change." Which, unfortunately, made the book kind of boring. But at least it was accurate! We are who we are, people, so get used to it.

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