Monday, October 15, 2018

The North Water by Ian Maguire

Now this is some dark, dark shit, and it is beautiful. Let me share with you my favorite sentence from this novel. I quote, "The cabin air is dense with the velvet reek of liquid feces." Does it get more real than that? I think not. This book is a great reminder of how weak and soft we all are. Every generation thinks they have it rough, and sometimes we need to look back in time a little to recognize the luxury we are steeped in these days. I admit that I never had to seek refuge from an arctic storm in the hollowed out carcass of a polar bear that I killed with my bare hands, but still, young people these days seem not to understand what hardship is. They just go about their days clicking away their problems and medicating their negative emotions until they become robo-zombies ready to meet all of their productivity goals. And I suppose the next generation will look back aghast to learn that not ALL lattes had pumpkin spice in them. But it's good to peel back the curtain a little to see what is behind all those clicks. Every diamond, leather shoe, whale bone jewelry, chicken wing, or anything else you consume has blood and death behind it, and maybe you should think about that next time you put it on or eat it or put it in your pipe and smoke it. And if you forget, you can re-read this book. Or maybe even just that sentence.

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